Management structure


Core group

Chair: Mr Jean-Philippe GROBY (FRA)

Co-Chair: Dr Olga UMNOVA (GBR)

Grant manager: Mr Jean-Philippe GROBY (FRA)

Working group 1 leader: Dr Daniel Torrent (ESP)
Working group 1 co-leader: Dr Tomasz G. ZIELINSKI (POL)

Working group 2 leader: Dr Bart VAN DAMME (CHE)
Working group 2 co-leader: Prof Nicolas DAUCHEZ (FRA)

Working group 3 leader and IAB Coordinator: Mr Arnaud DUVAL (FRA)
Working group 3 co-leader: Dr Cristian Gabriel ALIONTE (ROU)

STSM manager: Prof Keith ATTENBOROUGH (GBR)

Outreach / Science Communication manager : Prof Kristian JAMBROSIC (HRV)

Gender Balance coordinator: Mr Vojtech CHMELIK (SVK)

Grant Holder

Grant holder institution: CNRS, DR17 (FRA)
Grant manager: Mr Jean-Philippe GROBY
Grant holder scientific representative: Mr Jean-Philippe GROBY

Management Committee (MC)

The Management Committee, formed by representatives of each participating country (2 maximum per country), is in charge of implementing, supervising and coordinating the activities of the Action. To have more information on DENORMS Action Management Committee, please see:

Industrial Advisory Board (IAB)

The Industrial Advisory Board gathers the representatives of industries involved in the Action.

COST Association administration

COST Science officer of the Action: Dr Fatima BOUCHAMA