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A propos DENORMS CA 15125

DENORMS (Designs for Noise Reducing Materials and Structures) Action, CA 15125, is funded by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST). DENORMS Action activities were launched on the 9th March 2016 for 4 years.

Training School 5

Use and characterisation of new acoustic treatments and tools

Budapest (Hungary), 16-18 December 2019


DENORMS Action’s 5th Training School “Use and characterisation of new acoustic treatments and tools” was held from 16th to 18th December 2019 in Budapest (Hungary), organised by Óbuda University.

This Training school was aimed at the industrial partners and Early Career Investigators. The training was offered in both theoretical and experimental aspects of developing new sound absorbing and sound controlling structures.

During the first day, the refresher training courses were organised covering the basic theory of sound interaction with porous materials and metamaterials. During the following two days lectures and practical sessions familiarised the audience with the new methods used in design of conventional and metamaterial based noise reducing treatments.

More information on the program of the Training School.

Slides of the lectures

Social activities

  • Day 1: Sightseeing, visit of Budapest, boat tour.
  • Day 1: YAN social event, beers for free!
  • Day 2: Diner at Thököly Restaurant.

Organizing Committee

Lívia Cvetityánin, Erika Hronyecz, and Katalin Lévay (Local organiser)
Jean-Philippe Groby (DENORMS Chair)
Olga Umnova (DENORMS Vice-Chair)
Arnaud Duval (WG 3 Leader)

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Training School 4

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« Wave propagation in complex and microstructured media »

DENORMS Action Training School 4 « Wave propagation in complex and microstructured media » was held from 20th to 30th August 2019 in Cargèse (FR).

This Training School, co-organised by PMMH, UMR CNRS 7636, LAUM, UMR CNRS 6613, Institut Langevin, UMR CNRS 7537, and POEMS, UMR CNRS 7231, aimed at presenting the latest theoretical advances and experimental activities in the field of wave propagation in complex media, with a particular focus on wave guides in different contexts including the case of microstructured media, typically metamaterials.

The main objective of the school was the pooling of knowledge in this domain so that participants can learn the formalisms – techniques – methods – tools from the different communities of wave physics and thus, enlarge their knowledge for their own research. The interdisciplinary nature of this school should generated exchanges and collaborations between the different communities involved in this subject.

The affected wave domains covered acoustics, elastodynamics, electromagnetism as well as water waves.

More information in the Training School website and on the program.

Slides of the lectures

First week « Effective dynamics of microstructured media »

Other slides of the lecture will soon be available.

Second week « Guided Waves »

Other slides of the lecture will soon be available.

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Workshop 8

DENORMS Action Final event

Coimbra (PRT) – 18th-21st February 2020


The COST funding for four years of networking activities came to an end. To celebrate the networking achievements of the these four years, the DENORMS Action Final event took place from 18th to 21st Feb. 2020 in Coimbra (Portugal) and was the occasion of promoting the Action’s breakthroughs.

Three specific activities were developed:

  • Scientific presentations from selected STSM (Short Term Scientific Mission) awarded researchers and internationally recognized researchers.
  • Presentation and dissemination of the four Round Robin Tests achieved within the Action.
  • Three popularization talks on acoustics / building acoustics / acoustic materials as appetizers before the exhibition “Acoustics and beyond” vernissage at the University of Coimbra’s Museum of Science.

A complete social program accompanied the scientific exchange and dissemination program with daily proposed events.

Full definitive printable program is available here.

Videos of the talks

Presentation from selected STSM (Short Term Scientific Mission) awarded researcher

    •  Camille Perrot (LMSME, UMR CNRS 8208, Paris Est), Identification of representative volume elements of glass wool panels (video)
    • Vicente Romero-García (LAUM, UMR CNRS 6613), Plate-type acoustic metamaterials for acoustic absorption (video)
    • Milan Cervenka (Czech Technical University in Prague), Compact wideband reactive silencers with annular resonators (video)
    • Noé Jiménez (I3M, CSIC), How to design thin sound diffusers for room acoustics based on metasurfaces: metadiffusers (video)
    • Stefan Dimitrijevic (University of Belgrade), Sound Insulation and Reflection Properties of Sonic Crystal Barrier Based on Micro-Perforated Cylinders (video)
    • Viktor Hurska (Czech Technical University in Prague), Transmission and generation of sound in corrugated duc (video)
    • Lluis Garcia Raffi (Univ. Politècnica de València), Acoustic stealth materials (video)
    • Alejandro Cebrecos (Univ. Politècnica de València), Statistic effects in soft architected metamaterials (video)
    • Eric Ballestero (London South Bank University), Measuring the Scattering Properties of a 3D-Printed Acoustic Metadiffuser (video)
    • Bart Van Damme (EMPA), Modelling acoustic absorption of perforated gypsum foams (video)
    • Tao Yang (Technical University of Liberec), Estimating non-acoustical parameters of polyester fibrous material via Bayesian inversion procedure (video)
    • Jesus Carbajo (Univ. of Alicante), Manufacturing techniques for perforated metamaterials (video)

Presentation and dissemination of the Round Robin Tests

    • Tomasz G. Zielinski (IPPT PAN), Round-Robin Test on 3D-printed Sound Absorbing Porous Materials (video)
    • Chiara Scrosati (Italian National Research Council), Round Robin Test on low frequencies in impedance tube and reverberation room (video)
    • Paolo Bonfiglio (Materiacustica srl), Round Robin test on elastic properties of poro- and viscoelastic materials for vibro-acoustic applications (video)
    • Fabien Chevillotte (Matelys – Research Lab), Porous materials and their standards as of 2020 (video)

Scientific presentations from internationally recognized

    • Daniel Torrent (Univ. Jaume I), Advanced artificial structures for the control of acoustic, mechanic and thermal energy (video)
    • Gautier Lefebvre (Univ. Technologie Compiègne), Prediction of localization in 2D disordered vibrating systems (video)
    • Laurent De Ryck (Siemens – PLM Software), On the psychoacoustics of metamaterials: A comparative listening test and design recommendations (video)
    • Lucas Van Belle (KULeuven), Measuring dispersion curves for vibro-acoustic metamaterials (video)
    •  Arnaud Duval (Trèves) and Fabien Chevillotte (Matelys – Research Lab), White book on industrial problems, Part I (video) and Part 2 (video)

Popularization talks

    • Vincent Tournat (LAUM, UMR CNRS 6613), General Acoustics (video available soon)
    • Bruno Fazenda (Univ. of Salford), Rooms Acoustics (video available soon)
    • Mathieu Gaborit (KTH) and Marco Miniaci (IEMN, UMR CNRS 8520), Acoustic materials (video available soon)



Workshop 7


Second edition of the « Symposium on Acoustic Metamaterials » (SAM)

The second edition of the « Symposium on Acoustic Metamaterials” (SAM) took place from 9th to 11th October 2019 in Ischia (Italy) and was organised by YRAM (Young Researchers in Acoustic Metamaterials), COST Action DENORMS CA 15125 and the University of Salerno.

This second Symposium on Acoustic Metamaterials was targeted to PhD candidates, Early Career Investigators (i.e. researcher whose career spun less than 8 years since the date of the PhD) and aimed at sharing new advances and breakthroughs as well as fostering the community of young researchers in the field of acoustic metamaterials. The second SAM was organised around 6 different sessions comprising 20 min talks and plenary lectures.

More information can be found on the SAM website.


Wednesday 9th October 2019

Plenary lecture by Andrea Bergamini (EMPA): Imitating Nature and Beyond and Additive Manufacturing of Phononic Materials

Contributed talks

Plenary lecture by Jean-Philippe Groby (LAUM, UMR CNRS 6613): Bio-inspired and natural meta-fluids for sound absorption.

Contributed talks

Tuesday 10th October 2019

Plenary lecture by Richard Craster (Imperial College): Elastic Metamaterials.

Contributed talks

Friday 11th October 2019

Plenary lecture by Jensen Li (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology): Space-coilin metamaterials: from negative refraction to generating wave illusion and Willis coupling.

Contributed talks

Plenary lecture by Angela Madeo (INSA Lyon): Towards the engineering design of metamaterials’ structures through micro-morphic enriched continuum modeling.

Contributed talks

Pictures of the Workshop are available here.

Photo 2

Workshop 6

« Industrial days on new acoustic treatments, acoustic metamaterials and sonic crystals »

The sixth workshop « Industrial Days on New Acoustic Treatments, Metamaterials and Sonic Crystals” organised by COST Action DENORMS took place from February 28th to March 1st in Athens, Greece.

The objective of the workshop was to facilitate dialogue and establish new collaborations between industry and academia on the topics of new acoustical materials / metamaterials. 10 companies and 8 university research groups participated in the event. The program included presentations, group work and social activities.

Each participating company had the opportunity to present its unique development capacities, products and processes (20 min + 5 min of questions) and was encouraged to propose an informal discussion topic.

COST Action DENORMS provided 30 grants covering the costs of meals and accommodation for participants in Athens.

The following companies participated in the Workshop:

  • Recticel
  • St Gobain
  • BASF
  • Trèves Group
  • Carbon Air
  • Dyson
  • Embraer
  • Matelys
  • Acoustic Metamaterials Group
  • Safran Group

The agenda is available here.

National Technical University of Athens
Zografou Campus
9, Iroon Polytechniou str
15780 Zografou


M. Gontier (Recticel), Technical polyurethane foam …. Acoustic performance through Chemical design

P. Leroy (St Gobain), Mineral wool and plaster board : Fabrication process, applications in buildings and opportunities for metamaterials

R. De Oliveira (BASF), Processing and chemistry for acoustic foams

A. Duval (Trèves Group), Microstructure morphology control of porous materials through processes: a manufacturing technology overview

R. Venegas (Carbon Air), Applications of multiscale porous materials in dynamics and acoustic

B. Van Damme (EMPA, Materials Science and Technology), Dealing with nonlinearity: practical measurement and modeling strategies

C. Perrot (MSME, Univ. Paris Est), Multisclale prediction of acoustic properties for glass wools: Computational study and experimental validation

I. Antoniadis (NTUA), Active and passive noise mitigation activities in DSL, NTUA

A. Paradeisiotis, I. Antoniadis (NTUA), Noise Control at the Low Frequency Range

T. Zielinski (IPPT PAN), Sound propagation and absorption in open-porosity media: Microstructure-based modelling and experimental validation

I. Perez (Dyson), Designing for acoustics: Aero-Acoustics Research at Dyson

S. Futatsugi (Embraer), A preliminary study on the use of resonant acoustic metamaterial on aircraft noise control treatment

L. Jaouen (Matelys), Characterization and modelling challenges of multiple dynamics materials aka metamaterials

S. Chen (AMG), Acoustic Metamaterials for Noise Control

J. Mardjono (Safran Group), Overview of SAFRAN acoustic absorbing material for aircraft/cabin noise reduction and future challenges

E. Deckers (KULeuven), Vibroacoustic locally resonant metamaterials applications

M. Cervenka (Czech Technical Univ. in Prague), Optimized reactive silencers composed of elongated side-branch resonators

P. H. Mareze (Coimbra Univ.), Acoustic parameters dispersion of aeronautical materials used for noise control, and prospects studies about optimized pore geometry

J.-P. Groby (LAUM, UMR CNRS 6613), Control of the acoustics waves in the subwavelength regime: metamaterials for perfect absorption and metadiffusers

Metamaterials 2017

Special Session « Acoustic metamaterials for noise reduction » in Metamaterials 2017

The Eleventh International Congress on Artificial Materials for Novel Wave Phenomena – Metamaterials 2017 was held on 27th to 31st August 2017 in Marseille, France.

DENORMS Action (CA15125) and the working group Audible Acoustic Metamaterials of the GdR META organised a Special Session « Acoustic metamaterials for noise reduction ». This special session goal was to provide timely and high level presentations in the design of innovative, light, thin, and multi-functional noise reducing treatments and to develop objective and subjective methods and standards for their performance characterization and exploitation. This session aimed at bringing together scientists and engineers working on MetaMaterials/MetaSurfaces/Sonic Crystals and non-conventional porous material based structures.

Topics included:

  • Acoustic metamaterials, graded media, phononic crystals,
  • Linear/nonlinear wave propagation in periodic structures,
  • Homogenization of audible composites,
  • Modulated phononics crystals and metamaterials,

For more information, see the meeting website

ISMA 2018

Special session at the ISMA2018 Noise and Vibration Engineering Conference

A DENORMS special session will be held during the ISMA2018 Noise and Vibration Engineering Conference. The conference is organised by the division PMA of the KU Leuven in Leuven (Belgium) from 17 to 19 September 2018.

Abstracts for this special session can be submitted via the regular procedure of the conference, which can be found on, but ‘DENORMS’ must be entered in the remarks field to the programme committee.

The deadline of the abstract submission for  special sessions is 15/02/18.

The ISMA2018 Noise and Vibration Engineering Conference is the 2018’s edition of a sequence of biennial international conferences on noise and vibration engineering, structural dynamics and modal testing. Since 2012 the ISMA conference is organized in conjunction with the USD conference on Uncertainty in Structural Dynamics. The 2016 edition of ISMA/USD conference was attended by more than 600 participants from academia and industry. The technical programme counted approximately 450 technical papers scheduled into 8 parallel tracks and 4 plenary poster sessions. Full conference proceedings will be published digitally and submitted for reference in the ISI Web of Science. A single registration will grant access to both the ISMA and the USD conference.

For more information, see the meeting website or contact the ISMA Conference secretary, Mrs. L. Notré

Workshop 5

« Symposium on Acoustic Metamaterials (SAM) »


The fifth DENORMS workshop « Symposium on Acoustic Metamaterials” (SAM) took place from November 7 to 9, 2018 in Xàtiva (Spain), organised by YRAM (Young Researcher in Acoustic Metamaterials) and Universitat Politècnica de València.

This first Symposium on Acoustic Metamaterials was targeted to Early Career Investigators  (i.e. researcher whose career spun less than 8 years since the date of the PhD) and PhD candidates and aimed at sharing new advances and breakthroughs as well as fostering the community of young researchers in the field of acoustic metamaterials. The first SAM was organised around 6 different sessions comprising 20 min talks and 4 plenary lectures.

Topics covered by SAM are listed below but not restricted to:

  • Acoustic/elastic metamaterials and phononic crystals
  • Acoustic/elastic metasurfaces
  • Non-reciprocal manipulation of acoustic/elastic waves
  • Acoustic/elastic meta-devices based on transformation acoustics, parity-time symmetric acoustics, topological acoustics
  • Novel physical concepts for harnessing acoustic/elastic waves
  • New applications of metamaterial-based functional devices for acoustic sensing, cloaking, imaging, absorption, energy harvesting, etc.

Several social activities have been organised during the symposium.

The pictures of this SAM are available here.

You may read the book of abstracts, which is available here.

For more information, see the SAM website.

Scientific Committee

Steven Cummer (Duke University, USA)
Luis Miguel Garcia-Raffi (Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain)
Jean-Philippe Groby (LAUM, UMR CNRS 6613, France)
Rubén Picó (Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain)
Vicente Romero-Garcia (LAUM, UMR CNRS 6613, France)
José Sanchez-Dehesa (Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain)
Victor Sánchez-Morcillo (Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain)
Daniel Torrent (Universitat Jaume I, Spain)
Olga Umnova (University of Salford, UK)
Martin Wegener (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)

Organising Committee

YRAM: Matthieu Malléjac, Théo Cavalieri, Weichun Huang (LAUM, UMR CNRS 6613), and Joseph Beadle (Exeter University)
Local organisers: Víctor Sánchez Morcillo, Rubén Picó, Luis Miguel Garcia Raffi (Universitat Politècnica de València), and Vicent Romero-Garcìa (LAUM, UMR CNRS 6613)
DENORMS Action CA15125:
Jean-Philippe Groby (DENORMS Chair)
Olga Umnova (DENORMS Vice-Chair)
Mélanie Garcia Villar (DENORMS Grant Manager)
Daniel Torrent (Working Group 1 Leader)
Tomasz Zielinski (Working Group 1 Co-Leader)
Bart Van Damme (Working Group 2 leader)
Nicolas Dauchez (Working Group 2 Co-Leader)
Arnaud Duval (Working Group 3 Leader)



Invited talk

F. Lemoult, G. Lerosey, M. Fink, S. Yves, N. Kaina, R. Fleury, Soda cans: acoustic Helmholtz resonators for controlling the propagation

Contributed talks

W. Huang, L. Schwan, V. Romero-García, J.-M. Génevaux, J.-P. Groby, Straw-inspired anisotropic metamaterial for sound absorption

N. G. R. de Melo Filho, L. Van Belle, C. Claeys, E. Deckers, W. Desmet, Sound transmission loss enhancement of double panel partitions at their mass-spring-mass resonance using resonant metamaterials

K. Li, N. Dauchez, B. Nennig, E. Perrey-Debain, Strengthened Attenuation of Low Frequency Sound in a Duct by Using a Poroelastic Lamella Material 

C. Casarini, Characterization of 3D printed thin membranes for low-frequency noise attenuation in small-scale applications

M. Malléjac, A. Merkel, J. Sanchez-Dehesa, J. Christensen, V. Tournat, V. Romero-Garcia, J.-P. Groby, Limits of mass density for acoustic metamaterials composed of clamped elastic plates

A. Geslain, V. Romero-García, J.-P. Groby, F. Cervera, J. Sanchez-Dehesa, Acoustic characterization of Silica aerogel clamped plates for perfect absorption purpose

A. A. Fernandez-Marin, V. Romero-Garcia, J.-P. Groby, N. Jimenez, F. Cervera, J. Sanchez-Dehesa, Perfect and broadband acoustic absorption by metasurfaces made of aerogel clamped plates

I. Herrero-Dura, A. Cebrecos, V. Romero-Garcia, L.M. Garcia-Raffi, N. Jimenez, R. Pico and V.J. Sanchez-Morcillo, Use of Sonic Crystals for noise mitigation in the launch pad

G. Shankar Sharma, A. Skvortsov, I. MacGillivray and N. Kessissoglou, Acoustic Performance of Phononic Crystals for Underwater Coating Applications 

W. Choi, J. Hyun, Experimental realization of a underwater double-zero-index phononic crystal with Dirac-like point

V. Hruska, M. Bednarık, M. Cervenka, Sound emission due to the airflow through a sonic crystal

P. Daly, An ultrasonic acoustic beam shifter

T. Cavalieri, J.-P. Groby, V. Romero-Garcia, L. Schwan, G. Gabard M. Escouflaire, J. Mardjono, Acoustic wave propagation in graded effective anisotropic fluid layers under oblique incidence

P. Fossat, C. Boutin, M. Ichchou, Periodic homogenization of ribbed plates with inner resonance

E. Kalavsky & R. Venegas, Low-frequency sound absorption of rigidly-backed waveguides laterally loaded by acoustic resonators

N. Sharma, O. Umnova, Modelling of acoustic black hole effect based mufflers 

T. Bravo, C. Maury, Enhancing Broadband Absorption through Functionally-Graded Perforated Materials

M. Farooqui, Y. Aurégan, V. Pagneux, One dimensional modelling of self-cloaking inside ducts using liners

O. Yerli, S. Kaya, Plant usage potential in noise control

I. Bashir, C. Courtney and M. Carley, Development of light-weight, integrated and multifunctional acoustic metamaterials/metasurfaces to reduce noise from next generation aero-engines: modelling and data

T. Wang, Tunable Transmission Properties of Acoustic Waves Propagating in a Waveguide Grafted with Acoustic Resonators by Filling Liquids

O. Florez, P.F. Jarschel, Y.A.V. Espinel, C.M.B. Cordeiro, T. P. Mayer Alegre,
G.S. Wiederhecker, P. Dainese, Observation of Brillouin scattering self-cancellation in silica nanowires

J. Zhang, V. Romero García, G. Theocharis, O. Richoux, V. Achilleos, D.J. Frantzeskakis, Dissipative Envelope Solitons in 1D Acoustic Metamaterials 

A. Ghatak, Non-hermitian systems and metamaterials: more perspective

J. Leng, V. Romero-Garcia, J.P. Groby, R. Pico, A. Pelat, F. Gautier, Absorption of flexural waves using critical coupling condition

L. Sangiuliano, C. Claeys, E. Deckers, W. Desmet, Influence of the boundary conditions and control of edge resonances in finite locally resonant metamaterials

V. Slesarenko, P. Galich, J. Li, N. Fang, S. Rudykh, Negative group velocity state in the vicinity of elastic instability in soft composites

E. Ballestero, D.J. Shearer, S. Dance, Ha. Aygun, V. Romero-Garcia, N. Jimenez, Acoustic diffusers and metadiffusers in orchestra pits, the good, the bad and the loony 

Y. Fu, G. Yeoh, Z. Peng, C. Wang, J. Fischer, Underwater acoustic performance of aligned nano-carbon materials in a soft elastic medium



Workshop 4

« Working days on design and characterisation of innovative noise reducing materials and structures »


DENORMS Action’s forth Workshop “Working days on design and characterisation of innovative noise reducing materials and structures” took place October 9 – 10, 2018 in Kuopio (Finland), and was organised by University of Eastern Finland.

The aim of this workshop was to foster collaboration and exchange of ideas between researchers working on different topics centred around noise reducing treatments. 6 groups have been established.

Within each group the participants developed a detailed collaboration program. The outcomes of each program were new grant applications, publications, and detailed work plan – all to be completed within a year from the date of the meeting.

For more information, see the Workshop flyer and tentative agenda.

You can see some pictures here.

Organising committee

Timo Lähivaara (Local organiser)
Jean-Philippe Groby (DENORMS Chair)
Olga Umnova (DENORMS Vice-Chair)
Mélanie Garcia Villar (DENORMS Grant Manager)
Daniel Torrent  (Working Group 1 Leader)
Tomasz Zielinski (Working Group 1 Co-Leader)
Bart Van Damme (Working Group 2 leader)
Nicolas Dauchez (Working Group 2 Co-Leader)
Arnaud Duval (Working Group 3 Leader)

Working groups

1/ ALFACOM: Scrosati Chiara (Group Leader), Scamoni Fabio, Piana Edoardo, Roozen Nicolaas Bernardus

2/ MetaNEl: Van Damme Bart (Group Leader), Umnova Olga, Jiménez Noé, Dauchez Nicolas, Cveticanin Livija

3/ Absorbers for Additive Manufacture: Attenborough Keith (Group Leader), Leclaire Philippe, Perrot Camille, Zielinski Tomasz, Haladin Ivo

4/ DECIBEL: Gaborit Mathieu (Group Leader), Lähivaara Timo, Cuenca Jacques, Ogam Erick, Hyvönen Nuutti

 5/ Urban Crystal: Stojiljkovic Milan (Group Leader), Groby Jean-Philippe, Romero-Garcia Vicente, Sanchez-Dehesa Jose, Amado-Mendes Paulo, Dimitrijevic Stefan

6/ METANOC: Carbajo Jesus (Group Leader), Chazot Jean-Daniel, Godinho Luis, Cutanda Vicente, Risby Andersen Peter


University of Eastern Finland – A multidisciplinary and international university

M. Vauhkonen, Inverse problems research at the Department of Applied Physics, UEF


Workshop 3

« Dedicated manufacturing and experimental techniques for acoustic metamaterials and acoustic treatments »

DENORMS Action’s third Workshop on “Dedicated manufacturing and experimental techniques for acoustic metamaterials and acoustic treatments” was held from 5th to 7th February 2018 in Leuven (Belgium), co-organised by KU Leuven and Siemens Industry Software NV.

In this occasion, leading experts shared their knowledge with other researchers, PhD students, young scientists and engineers from all across Europe. Three sessions, each introduced by a plenary lecture, were proposed:

  • Psychoacoustics of metamaterials and acoustic treatments
  • Experimental techniques for testing metamaterials and vibro-acoustic treatments
  • Manufacturing techniques for acoustic and mechanical metamaterials

Three Working Group meeting were held in the framework of the Workshop.

For more information, see the Workshop flyer and agenda.

Organising Committee

Jean-Philippe Groby (DENORMS Chair)
Olga Umnova (DENORMS Vice-Chair)
Nicolas Dauchez (Working Group 2 Co-Leader)
Monika Rychtarikova (Working Group 2 Co-Leader)
Pauline Rasera (DENORMS Grant manager)
Laurent De Ryck (Siemens Industry Software NV)
Jacques Cuenca (Siemens Industry Software NV)
Elke Deckers (KU Leuven)
Christ Glorieux (KU Leuven)

Scientific Committee

Elke Deckers (KU Leuven/PMA, Belgium)
Laurent de Ryck (Siemens Industry Software NV, Belgium)
Wim Desmet  (KU Leuven/PMA, Belgium)
Christ Glorieux  (KU Leuven/FYS, Belgium)
Bert Roozen  (KU Leuven/FYS, Belgium)
Monika Rychtarikova (KU Leuven/BWK, Belgium)
Kristian Jambrosic (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Nicolas Dauchez (UTC Compiègne, France)
Henry Rice (Trinity College, Ireland)
Chiara Scrosati (ITC CNR, Italy)
Jesus Carbajo (Universidad de Alicante, Spain)
Bruce Drinkwater (University of Bristol, UK)
Steven Cummer (Duke University, USA)


5th February – at Siemens Industry Software NV

6th February – at KU Leuven

Experimental techniques session

Psychoacoustics session

7th February – at KU Leuven

Manufacturing session 1

Manufacturing session 2