Workshop 8 – Final event

DENORMS Action Final event and dissemination

Coimbra (PRT) – Feruary 2020


This Workshop will be jointly organized with the final event of the DENORMS Action around 4 specific actions.

First, selected members, who benefited from STSM and preferably ECI, PhD candidate and women from ITC, will present their work to the network members during a day.

Second, the results of the Round Robin Tests (mechanical characterization of poroelastic materials, low frequency measurement in reverberant rooms, and low frequency measurement of absorption coefficient) will be presented and disseminated to Action members, policy makers and people involved in the standardization of measurement methods.

Third, results arising from the Action will be presented on a public place in the city in order to increase the visibility and attract student in the field.

Finally, some materials and structures, which are usually good looking, arising from the Action and also coming from all around the world will be exposed in the Science and Technology Museum and presented to public as well as to visiting children from local schools (interpreters are expected).

The last MC meeting will also takes place during this event, during which we will take stock of the Action, the MC member will provide feedback on the Action, and the future Actions will be discussed.

60 participants are expected (40 of which will be funded, the decision about funding will be made by the Organising Committee).