Training School 4

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« Wave propagation in complex and microstructured media »

DENORMS Action Training School 4 « Wave propagation in complex and microstructured media » was held from 20th to 30th August 2019 in Cargèse (FR).

This Training School, co-organised by PMMH, UMR CNRS 7636, LAUM, UMR CNRS 6613, Institut Langevin, UMR CNRS 7537, and POEMS, UMR CNRS 7231, aimed at presenting the latest theoretical advances and experimental activities in the field of wave propagation in complex media, with a particular focus on wave guides in different contexts including the case of microstructured media, typically metamaterials.

The main objective of the school was the pooling of knowledge in this domain so that participants can learn the formalisms – techniques – methods – tools from the different communities of wave physics and thus, enlarge their knowledge for their own research. The interdisciplinary nature of this school should generated exchanges and collaborations between the different communities involved in this subject.

The affected wave domains covered acoustics, elastodynamics, electromagnetism as well as water waves.

More information in the Training School website and on the program.

Slides of the lectures

First week « Effective dynamics of microstructured media »

Other slides of the lecture will soon be available.

Second week « Guided Waves »

Other slides of the lecture will soon be available.

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