Workshop 6

« Industrial days on new acoustic treatments, acoustic metamaterials and sonic crystals »

The sixth workshop « Industrial Days on New Acoustic Treatments, Metamaterials and Sonic Crystals” organised by COST Action DENORMS took place from February 28th to March 1st in Athens, Greece.

The objective of the workshop was to facilitate dialogue and establish new collaborations between industry and academia on the topics of new acoustical materials / metamaterials. 10 companies and 8 university research groups participated in the event. The program included presentations, group work and social activities.

Each participating company had the opportunity to present its unique development capacities, products and processes (20 min + 5 min of questions) and was encouraged to propose an informal discussion topic.

COST Action DENORMS provided 30 grants covering the costs of meals and accommodation for participants in Athens.

The following companies participated in the Workshop:

  • Recticel
  • St Gobain
  • BASF
  • Trèves Group
  • Carbon Air
  • Dyson
  • Embraer
  • Matelys
  • Acoustic Metamaterials Group
  • Safran Group

The agenda is available here.

National Technical University of Athens
Zografou Campus
9, Iroon Polytechniou str
15780 Zografou


M. Gontier (Recticel), Technical polyurethane foam …. Acoustic performance through Chemical design

P. Leroy (St Gobain), Mineral wool and plaster board : Fabrication process, applications in buildings and opportunities for metamaterials

R. De Oliveira (BASF), Processing and chemistry for acoustic foams

A. Duval (Trèves Group), Microstructure morphology control of porous materials through processes: a manufacturing technology overview

R. Venegas (Carbon Air), Applications of multiscale porous materials in dynamics and acoustic

B. Van Damme (EMPA, Materials Science and Technology), Dealing with nonlinearity: practical measurement and modeling strategies

C. Perrot (MSME, Univ. Paris Est), Multisclale prediction of acoustic properties for glass wools: Computational study and experimental validation

I. Antoniadis (NTUA), Active and passive noise mitigation activities in DSL, NTUA

A. Paradeisiotis, I. Antoniadis (NTUA), Noise Control at the Low Frequency Range

T. Zielinski (IPPT PAN), Sound propagation and absorption in open-porosity media: Microstructure-based modelling and experimental validation

I. Perez (Dyson), Designing for acoustics: Aero-Acoustics Research at Dyson

S. Futatsugi (Embraer), A preliminary study on the use of resonant acoustic metamaterial on aircraft noise control treatment

L. Jaouen (Matelys), Characterization and modelling challenges of multiple dynamics materials aka metamaterials

S. Chen (AMG), Acoustic Metamaterials for Noise Control

J. Mardjono (Safran Group), Overview of SAFRAN acoustic absorbing material for aircraft/cabin noise reduction and future challenges

E. Deckers (KULeuven), Vibroacoustic locally resonant metamaterials applications

M. Cervenka (Czech Technical Univ. in Prague), Optimized reactive silencers composed of elongated side-branch resonators

P. H. Mareze (Coimbra Univ.), Acoustic parameters dispersion of aeronautical materials used for noise control, and prospects studies about optimized pore geometry

J.-P. Groby (LAUM, UMR CNRS 6613), Control of the acoustics waves in the subwavelength regime: metamaterials for perfect absorption and metadiffusers