Workshop 5

« Symposium on Acoustic Metamaterials (SAM) »


The fifth DENORMS workshop « Symposium on Acoustic Metamaterials” (SAM) took place from November 7 to 9, 2018 in Xàtiva (Spain), organised by YRAM (Young Researcher in Acoustic Metamaterials) and Universitat Politècnica de València.

This first Symposium on Acoustic Metamaterials was targeted to Early Career Investigators  (i.e. researcher whose career spun less than 8 years since the date of the PhD) and PhD candidates and aimed at sharing new advances and breakthroughs as well as fostering the community of young researchers in the field of acoustic metamaterials. The first SAM was organised around 6 different sessions comprising 20 min talks and 4 plenary lectures.

Topics covered by SAM are listed below but not restricted to:

  • Acoustic/elastic metamaterials and phononic crystals
  • Acoustic/elastic metasurfaces
  • Non-reciprocal manipulation of acoustic/elastic waves
  • Acoustic/elastic meta-devices based on transformation acoustics, parity-time symmetric acoustics, topological acoustics
  • Novel physical concepts for harnessing acoustic/elastic waves
  • New applications of metamaterial-based functional devices for acoustic sensing, cloaking, imaging, absorption, energy harvesting, etc.

Several social activities have been organised during the symposium.

The pictures of this SAM are available here.

You may read the book of abstracts, which is available here.

For more information, see the SAM website.

Scientific Committee

Steven Cummer (Duke University, USA)
Luis Miguel Garcia-Raffi (Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain)
Jean-Philippe Groby (LAUM, UMR CNRS 6613, France)
Rubén Picó (Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain)
Vicente Romero-Garcia (LAUM, UMR CNRS 6613, France)
José Sanchez-Dehesa (Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain)
Victor Sánchez-Morcillo (Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain)
Daniel Torrent (Universitat Jaume I, Spain)
Olga Umnova (University of Salford, UK)
Martin Wegener (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)

Organising Committee

YRAM: Matthieu Malléjac, Théo Cavalieri, Weichun Huang (LAUM, UMR CNRS 6613), and Joseph Beadle (Exeter University)
Local organisers: Víctor Sánchez Morcillo, Rubén Picó, Luis Miguel Garcia Raffi (Universitat Politècnica de València), and Vicent Romero-Garcìa (LAUM, UMR CNRS 6613)
DENORMS Action CA15125:
Jean-Philippe Groby (DENORMS Chair)
Olga Umnova (DENORMS Vice-Chair)
Mélanie Garcia Villar (DENORMS Grant Manager)
Daniel Torrent (Working Group 1 Leader)
Tomasz Zielinski (Working Group 1 Co-Leader)
Bart Van Damme (Working Group 2 leader)
Nicolas Dauchez (Working Group 2 Co-Leader)
Arnaud Duval (Working Group 3 Leader)



Invited talk

F. Lemoult, G. Lerosey, M. Fink, S. Yves, N. Kaina, R. Fleury, Soda cans: acoustic Helmholtz resonators for controlling the propagation

Contributed talks

W. Huang, L. Schwan, V. Romero-García, J.-M. Génevaux, J.-P. Groby, Straw-inspired anisotropic metamaterial for sound absorption

N. G. R. de Melo Filho, L. Van Belle, C. Claeys, E. Deckers, W. Desmet, Sound transmission loss enhancement of double panel partitions at their mass-spring-mass resonance using resonant metamaterials

K. Li, N. Dauchez, B. Nennig, E. Perrey-Debain, Strengthened Attenuation of Low Frequency Sound in a Duct by Using a Poroelastic Lamella Material 

C. Casarini, Characterization of 3D printed thin membranes for low-frequency noise attenuation in small-scale applications

M. Malléjac, A. Merkel, J. Sanchez-Dehesa, J. Christensen, V. Tournat, V. Romero-Garcia, J.-P. Groby, Limits of mass density for acoustic metamaterials composed of clamped elastic plates

A. Geslain, V. Romero-García, J.-P. Groby, F. Cervera, J. Sanchez-Dehesa, Acoustic characterization of Silica aerogel clamped plates for perfect absorption purpose

A. A. Fernandez-Marin, V. Romero-Garcia, J.-P. Groby, N. Jimenez, F. Cervera, J. Sanchez-Dehesa, Perfect and broadband acoustic absorption by metasurfaces made of aerogel clamped plates

I. Herrero-Dura, A. Cebrecos, V. Romero-Garcia, L.M. Garcia-Raffi, N. Jimenez, R. Pico and V.J. Sanchez-Morcillo, Use of Sonic Crystals for noise mitigation in the launch pad

G. Shankar Sharma, A. Skvortsov, I. MacGillivray and N. Kessissoglou, Acoustic Performance of Phononic Crystals for Underwater Coating Applications 

W. Choi, J. Hyun, Experimental realization of a underwater double-zero-index phononic crystal with Dirac-like point

V. Hruska, M. Bednarık, M. Cervenka, Sound emission due to the airflow through a sonic crystal

P. Daly, An ultrasonic acoustic beam shifter

T. Cavalieri, J.-P. Groby, V. Romero-Garcia, L. Schwan, G. Gabard M. Escouflaire, J. Mardjono, Acoustic wave propagation in graded effective anisotropic fluid layers under oblique incidence

P. Fossat, C. Boutin, M. Ichchou, Periodic homogenization of ribbed plates with inner resonance

E. Kalavsky & R. Venegas, Low-frequency sound absorption of rigidly-backed waveguides laterally loaded by acoustic resonators

N. Sharma, O. Umnova, Modelling of acoustic black hole effect based mufflers 

T. Bravo, C. Maury, Enhancing Broadband Absorption through Functionally-Graded Perforated Materials

M. Farooqui, Y. Aurégan, V. Pagneux, One dimensional modelling of self-cloaking inside ducts using liners

O. Yerli, S. Kaya, Plant usage potential in noise control

I. Bashir, C. Courtney and M. Carley, Development of light-weight, integrated and multifunctional acoustic metamaterials/metasurfaces to reduce noise from next generation aero-engines: modelling and data

T. Wang, Tunable Transmission Properties of Acoustic Waves Propagating in a Waveguide Grafted with Acoustic Resonators by Filling Liquids

O. Florez, P.F. Jarschel, Y.A.V. Espinel, C.M.B. Cordeiro, T. P. Mayer Alegre,
G.S. Wiederhecker, P. Dainese, Observation of Brillouin scattering self-cancellation in silica nanowires

J. Zhang, V. Romero García, G. Theocharis, O. Richoux, V. Achilleos, D.J. Frantzeskakis, Dissipative Envelope Solitons in 1D Acoustic Metamaterials 

A. Ghatak, Non-hermitian systems and metamaterials: more perspective

J. Leng, V. Romero-Garcia, J.P. Groby, R. Pico, A. Pelat, F. Gautier, Absorption of flexural waves using critical coupling condition

L. Sangiuliano, C. Claeys, E. Deckers, W. Desmet, Influence of the boundary conditions and control of edge resonances in finite locally resonant metamaterials

V. Slesarenko, P. Galich, J. Li, N. Fang, S. Rudykh, Negative group velocity state in the vicinity of elastic instability in soft composites

E. Ballestero, D.J. Shearer, S. Dance, Ha. Aygun, V. Romero-Garcia, N. Jimenez, Acoustic diffusers and metadiffusers in orchestra pits, the good, the bad and the loony 

Y. Fu, G. Yeoh, Z. Peng, C. Wang, J. Fischer, Underwater acoustic performance of aligned nano-carbon materials in a soft elastic medium