Workshop 4

« Working days on design and characterisation of innovative noise reducing materials and structures »


DENORMS Action’s forth Workshop “Working days on design and characterisation of innovative noise reducing materials and structures” took place October 9 – 10, 2018 in Kuopio (Finland), and was organised by University of Eastern Finland.

The aim of this workshop was to foster collaboration and exchange of ideas between researchers working on different topics centred around noise reducing treatments. 6 groups have been established.

Within each group the participants developed a detailed collaboration program. The outcomes of each program were new grant applications, publications, and detailed work plan – all to be completed within a year from the date of the meeting.

For more information, see the Workshop flyer and tentative agenda.

You can see some pictures here.

Organising committee

Timo Lähivaara (Local organiser)
Jean-Philippe Groby (DENORMS Chair)
Olga Umnova (DENORMS Vice-Chair)
Mélanie Garcia Villar (DENORMS Grant Manager)
Daniel Torrent  (Working Group 1 Leader)
Tomasz Zielinski (Working Group 1 Co-Leader)
Bart Van Damme (Working Group 2 leader)
Nicolas Dauchez (Working Group 2 Co-Leader)
Arnaud Duval (Working Group 3 Leader)

Working groups

1/ ALFACOM: Scrosati Chiara (Group Leader), Scamoni Fabio, Piana Edoardo, Roozen Nicolaas Bernardus

2/ MetaNEl: Van Damme Bart (Group Leader), Umnova Olga, Jiménez Noé, Dauchez Nicolas, Cveticanin Livija

3/ Absorbers for Additive Manufacture: Attenborough Keith (Group Leader), Leclaire Philippe, Perrot Camille, Zielinski Tomasz, Haladin Ivo

4/ DECIBEL: Gaborit Mathieu (Group Leader), Lähivaara Timo, Cuenca Jacques, Ogam Erick, Hyvönen Nuutti

 5/ Urban Crystal: Stojiljkovic Milan (Group Leader), Groby Jean-Philippe, Romero-Garcia Vicente, Sanchez-Dehesa Jose, Amado-Mendes Paulo, Dimitrijevic Stefan

6/ METANOC: Carbajo Jesus (Group Leader), Chazot Jean-Daniel, Godinho Luis, Cutanda Vicente, Risby Andersen Peter


University of Eastern Finland – A multidisciplinary and international university

M. Vauhkonen, Inverse problems research at the Department of Applied Physics, UEF