Training School 3 on « Experimental techniques for acoustic porous materials and metamaterials »

DENORMS Action Training School 3 « Experimental techniques for acoustic porous materials and metamaterials » was held from 4th to 6th December 2017 in Le Mans (FR).

This Training School, co-organised by LAUM, UMR CNRS 6613, and DENORMS, aimed at providing a common experimental background to researchers, engineers and technicians working on acoustic metamaterials, metasurfaces and sonic crystals as well as conventional acoustic materials. The Training School covered the following topics:
– Impedance tube measurements
– Ultrasonic characterisation of porous materials
– Mechanical characterisation of porous materials
– Characterisation of sonic crystal
– Characterisation of acoustic metamaterials
– Introduction to psychoacoustics & psychoacoustic tests
– Norms and Standard
– Photoacoustic characterisation at microstructure level

For more information, see the flyer and agenda.

Organising committee

Jean-Philippe Groby (LAUM , UMR CNRS 6613), Action Chair
Olga Umnova (Univ. of Salford), Action vice-Chair
Monika Rychtarikova (STU Bratislava / KU Leuven), Working Group 2 leader
Nicolas Dauchez (UTC), Working Group 2 co-leader
Bernard Castagnède (LAUM , UMR CNRS 6613), Local organiser
Pauline Raséra (LAUM , UMR CNRS 6613), Grant Manager

Videos of the lectures

(use the password « denorms72 »)

Pictures of the Training School

Instagram of SAPEM17