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Training School 3 on « Experimental techniques for acoustic porous materials and metamaterials »

DENORMS Action Training School 3 « Experimental techniques for acoustic porous materials and metamaterials » will be held from 4th to 6th December 2017 in Le Mans (FR). Registration is free but requested.

This Training School, co-organised by LAUM, UMR CNRS 6613, and DENORMS, aims at providing a common experimental background to researchers, engineers and technicians working on acoustic metamaterials, metasurfaces and sonic crystals as well as conventional acoustic materials. The Training School will cover the following topics:
– Impedance tube measurements
– Ultrasonic characterisation of porous materials
– Mechanical characterisation of porous materials
– Characterisation of sonic crystal
– Characterisation of acoustic metamaterials
– Introduction to psychoacoustics & psychoacoustic tests
– Norms and Standard
– Photoacoustic characterisation at microstructure level


Registration is now closed!


30 competitive EUR 600 COST grants will be awarded to PhD students or Early Career Investigators (researchers whose career spun less than 8 years since the date of the PhD) whose institutions are located more than 250 km from Le Mans to support travel and accommodation expenses. According to COST rules, Grant beneficiaries will need to be registered on e-COST before applying and sign the participant list for every session. Deadline for grant application is 20th September 2017.

Travel and accommodation

Participants are expected to arrange their own travel and accommodation. Information about the venue (here). To share/discuss with other participants, you can use the event’s Facebook page.

Organising committee

Jean-Philippe Groby (LAUM , UMR CNRS 6613), Action Chair
Olga Umnova (Univ. of Salford), Action vice-Chair
Monika Rychtarikova (STU Bratislava / KU Leuven), Working Group 2 leader
Nicolas Dauchez (UTC), Working Group 2 co-leader
Bernard Castagnède (LAUM , UMR CNRS 6613), local organiser
Pauline Raséra (LAUM , UMR CNRS 6613), Grant Manager