Workshop 2

« Sandpit: New approaches to design of noise reducing materials and structures »

DENORMS Action’s Brainstorming Workshop “Sandpit: New approaches to design of noise reducing materials and structures”, took place on 14th and 15th September 2017 in Novi Sad (Serbia), organised by University of Novi Sad.

The goal of this sandpit was to develop new ideas and collaboration plans on the following topics:

  • Sound absorption by structured materials
  • Diffusers and metasurfaces
  • Sound insulation by structured materials
  • Landscape sound insulation by sonic crystals
  • Active structures and smart materials
  • Elastic energy mitigation
  • Vibroacoustic energy mitigation in thin walled structures
  • Characterisation of non-conventional porous materials and acoustic metamaterials

This sandpit was a timely and unique opportunity to achieve scientific breakthroughs in the identified topics and to enhance collaboration between the DENORMS members. To achieve this, brainstorming groups composed of 4-5 people from the 3 Action Working Groups worked together for 1 ½ days in a positive collaborative environment. Each brainstorming group nominated an Animator, in charge of leading the discussion and of reporting its outcomes. The expected outcomes for each group were: new concepts and approaches, detailed work plan including a tentative schedule of joint grants applications, publications and STSM). They were reported and discussed during the feedback session in the afternoon of 15th Sept. 2017 (½ day). For more information, see the Flyer.

The pictures of the Workshop are available here.

Organising committee

Anton Krynkin and Tomasz G. Zieliński (Working Group 1 Leaders)
Monika Rychtarikova and Nicolas Dauchez (Working Group 2 Leaders)
Arnaud Duval (Working Group 3 Leader)
Livija Cveticanin (Local organiser)
Olga Umnova (DENORMS Action co-Chair)
Jean-Philippe Groby (DENORMS Action Chair)
Pauline Raséra (Grant manager)